Lea Michele has revealed that she was scared about making her debut solo album as she had played Glee character Rachel Berry for so long.

The star released her first single Cannonball last week and her debut album Louder is set for release in March 2014 and while she was nervous about putting herself out there with the album, she's excited to show people who she is as an artist.

Speaking to MTV she opened up about her nerves, "It's really scary because this is all me. What's funny... I was talking to my mum and she's like, 'This is the opportunity for people to really get to see you, who you are in a personal way.' And I'm excited about that because I've played a character for so long, singing these cover songs, which has been so awesome, and now I'm kind of ready to let people know who Lea Michele really is."

She added that the album is a representation of what she has been going through over the last year and since the death of her on-and-off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith in July.

"It's emotional and uplifting. It's empowering and at the same time there's still those really great songs in it that are just fun and that are happy. There's still those bright lights and those shining moments within the album. It's just a really incredible, somehow, explanation of what this past year of my life has been like."