The latest downloadable content for BioShock Infinite sees our hero return to Rapture, writes John Walshe.

Burial At Sea Episode 1 is the latest downloadable content for the monumental BioShock Infinite, following the Clash In The Clouds add-on pack earlier this year. Priced at €14.99, Burial At Sea sees a return to Rapture, the underwater city that was home to the original BioShock.

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1958, when femme fatale Elizabeth sashays into the office of private eye, Booker DeWitt, and entices him into a search for missing child, Sally, who she believes is being held prisoner in Rapture. The once beloved Fontaine’s Department Store has been turned into a prison on the sea bed, its inmates, left to their own devices, are deadly splicers. Part film noir, part Hieronymous Bosch nightmare, you are plunged into a desperate search through Rapture on the eve of its fall from grace.

Along the way, you get to meet some familiar characters from the original game, including Little Sisters and Big Daddies, while the spectre of Andrew Ryan looms in the background, and you come face to face with one of the series’ most disturbing figures to date, the shiver-inducing Sander Cohen.

You’ll need to manage your resources as you fight your way through the once-great store, using both traditional guns and plasmid powers, thus combining some of the best elements of Infinite and the original game. Similarly, Burial At Sea manages to integrate the zip-line elements of Infinite within the look and feel of Rapture, while remaining true to the tone of that aquatic city.

It’s great fun, particularly for gamers who miss the tense tour of Rapture that made up the original game, and like everything else in the BioShock universe, it oozes class. A word of warning, though, it is a tad short – most serious players will have it licked in around two hours or less: but it’s a rather wonderful way to spend those hours, it must be said.

Platform: PS3, X360, PC
Publisher: Irrational/2K
Cert: 18
Score: 4/5

John Walshe