Former Neighbours actress and popstar Holly Candy has welcomed her first daughter with husband, Nick.

The 30-year-old star, better known by her maiden name Holly Valance, gave birth to her daughter Luka Violet Toni, "a few days ago" and her billionaire property developer husband, Nick Candy, has praised his wife as the ''perfect mother''.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper he said: '''Holly is a perfect mother. It was a natural birth.''

''We have decided to call her Luka Violet Toni Candy. Her nickname will be Lulu, but, if she ever goes into business, Lulu Candy doesn't quite work!''

Holly previously spoke of her excitement at the thought of starting a family.

She said: ''We will have a family, God willing, and when it happens I just want to be a mum.

''The biggest luxury on the planet to me would be to be at home with my child. Finally at 30 I am coming round to the idea of babies and Nick, at 40, is well and truly ready.

''I think he might just get his way. I can see it now: I will be the bad cop - the strict one - and he will be the fabulous, fun dad.''