David Witts who plays Joey Branning in EastEnders will soon be leaving the soap and heading to Hollywood where he has signed with a new agent.

The 22-year-old has signed with the same agency as True Blood actor Rob Kazinsky however as he told Digital Spy, he has a few things to do before he leaves: "I've just signed to [Rob's] agent in Hollywood, but that's a long way off because in the meantime there is other stuff I want to do.

"I'm just doing bits and bobs and seeing what happens. It's still early days yet and I'm still in the show. I've got a few more weeks filming and I should be leaving around Christmas."

However the actor will miss the opportunity to film scenes with Danny Dyer who will be heading to Albert Square to play Shirley Carter's (Linda Henry) brother Mick: "I made the decision to leave before there was even a whisper of Danny Dyer joining the cast. 

"It's been a while, so it's been quite a relief that I can finally say to people that ask that I'm off."