After a challenging year for Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt, reports are in that the couple are planning to marry in Hawaii at Christmas.

Grazia reports that the parents of six children have signed off on a 101-page pre-nup agreement agreeing the division of their combined £200 (€236) million assets, £110 million of which is Pitt's and the remaining £90 million is Jolie's.

The couple had previously said that they wouldn't wed until gay marriage was legalised however the reports claims their plans are underway.

A source told the UK magazine: "Angelina has always been a bit reluctant about having a pre-nup but Brad persuaded her it's for the best.

"He's a romantic guy, but also very practical, and given they're worth £200 million between them, with six children and a lot of property across the globe, it definitely makes sense.

"Both Brad and Angelina have been married before so they know how messy a divorce can get. It's even more important this time because there are children involved and Brad wants them to cover all eventualities."

As the couple are not French residents, they cannot marry in the country however they will apparently have a blessing there before their wedding ceremony in Hawaii which was a favourite place of Jolie's mother Marcheline Bertrand.

They added: "Hawaii means that her mother can be a part of a small ceremony on her favourite beach. Then the main event will be a wintery-themed bash in France with all of their closest friends and family. Everyone, especially the children, is very excited.

"They love the idea of a Christmas wedding at their French home, Chateau Miraval, with a big roaring fire and lots of festive decorations."