Russell Brand has reportedly sent Cheryl Cole tickets to his show in the hopes she will come and he can get her to go on a date with him.

The 39-year-old comedian has just finished a relationship with Jemima Khan, a woman he said last month he was “eschewing all others” for. The star confessed as a recent show that he was currently single.

A source told the Daily Star however that Brand has now set his sights on Cheryl Cole who has recently split from her dancer ex-boyfriend Tre Holloway.

The source said, “Russell asked staff to send Cheryl two tickets for tonight’s (15th October) Messiah Complex show in London. He even said he hopes she will bring her mum, Joan, along too because he thinks she’s the key to winning Cheryl over.

“Russell reckons if she enjoys the show enough, she might consider going out on a date with him. It isn’t just a quick fling he’s looking for either. Like most men in the country, he’s always fancied her.”