Former Beatle Paul McCartney has discussed the making of his new album and insists he didn't want to sound dated.

The 71-year-old is releasing his latest record New on October 14, and told The Sun: "I wanted something that didn't sound old-fashioned. I wasn't prepared to go as far as a Katy Perry bass-drum pop sound - even though I think she makes good records. But there was an endeavour to make it sound at home in the contemporary scene."

McCartney worked with four different producers - Ethan Johns, Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth and Giles Martin - on the album, and explained: "I didn't really have an idea who I would be working with but I had been watching the scene.

"Ethan Johns had done Ryan Adams and Kings of Leon and I knew I liked what he'd done there. I knew Mark Ronson had done Amy Winehouse as well as a lot of other good records.

"I knew Paul Epworth had worked with Adele and I knew Giles Martin from his work on The Beatles' Love album.

"It was like having all four of them on shuffle. It kept it really interesting and I never knew quite what was going to happen next. And it certainly wasn't boring."

But while he’s aiming for a contemporary feel, there’s no denying that any new recording from Paul McCartney will be carrying the weight of the most prestigious back catalogue in pop.

"Being in The Beatles was phenomenally special but we could have been dead and gone long ago and people wouldn't remember this strange little group from Liverpool,” he says.

"Then what happens is you find an awful lot of people doing the Wings sign in the audience, so there's that generation too. It's pretty amazing to still be there making new music alongside that legendary reputation."