SPOILER ALERT! Fans of cult US show Breaking Bad are noted for their devotion – so it’s no surprise that it’s got a musical tribute on YouTube.

In the style of R.E.M.'s It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), the video from The Riben Collective looks back at all five seasons of the AMC drama.

Titled It's the End of Breaking Bad As We Know It (And We're Not Fine), the clip chronicles all the events of the series right up until the final episode, which aired on Sunday (September 29th) in the US and from Monday, November 30th here in Ireland on Netflix.

The video also pays homage to Bryan Cranston's (Walter White) previous role in Malcolm in the Middle, by using elements of that show's theme tune by They Might Be Giants.

Click here if you want to have your say about the end of the world for Breaking Bad fans. And please only do so if you have seen the final episode! 

Here’s the video - and please note, it contains spoilers that will definitely rankle if you haven’t seen the show’s finale.