Judi Dench admits starring opposite Daniel Craig in the recent James Bond movies, such as Skyfall, has made her feel a ''bit cool."

The 78-year-old played the part of M in seven films in the spy series from 1995 to 2012 and said that she is thrilled that it has introduced her to a younger audience.

Contact Music quote the star as saying: ''I have a lot of young chaps that ask me for autographs that think I'm a bit cool and that can't be bad.

''Maybe they'll come for the theatre. All I ever feel is that my job is baiting people to come to the theatre. But it's lovely to have a young audience. Before, they used to say, 'Could I have your autograph - it's for my granny'. It's now, 'Could I have your autograph - it's for my 11-year-old son.' And you think, 'Oh, it's very good.' ''

Dench, who has stepped down from playing the popular character, has said that she will miss starring in the 007 franchise, saying: ''When they come to do the new film, you bet I'll miss him.''