Chat show king Conan O'Brien has been dishing out advice to TV3 as the station prepares for its new Autumn schedule.

Speaking via a video link from LA, O'Brien fired off a list of programme ideas in true Alan Partridge form to Jeff Ford, TV3’s new Director of Content.

Ford's "fellow Irishman" had a range of ideas including a few variations on the channe's new programme Midwives -  "Midwives on Ice", "Midwives Have Talent", "I’m a Midwife Get Me Out of Here", "Prison Midwives", "Midwives in America", ‘Secret Midwives’, "Ireland by Midwife", "Midwife Factor UK", "Midwife Factor US" and his personal favourite "Midwives of Irish Midwives".

Still no sign of Monkey Tennis though.