When Björk Met Attenborough (7.00pm Channel 4) pairs up the two nature and music lovers, Top of the Lake continues on BBC Two at 9.10pm. All-Star Family Fortunes (8.45pm ITV) features actress and presenter Nadia Sawalha and her family competing against Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle.

When Björk Met Attenborough
7.00pm Channel 4

Icelandic musician Björk and broadcaster David Attenborough have apparently admired each other's work for years. Moreover, we are told, Björk's project Biophilia explores "where nature, music and technology meet," which sounds a bit limp, it has to be said. In any case, David speaks about his passion for music, which might be good. Professor of neurology and psychiatry Oliver Sacks explains how music works on our brains. He also explains the therapeutic benefits of performing and engaging with music. It seems a bit tenuous, risky and prone to some hot-air as a TV idea (some of it perhaps Icelandic hot air?). But given the unlikely twinning of the strong and highly-talented personalities involved, you will probably want to watch.

Top of the Lake
9.10pm BBC Two

Continuing Jane Campion’s captivating New Zealand mystery drama and tonight the case seems to be getting away from Robin. The girl is still missing and the community is beginning to buckle under the weight of suspicion. Under pressure herself, Robin rekindles a relationship with an old flame, Johnno Mitcham, the older son of the Mitcham clan. But inviting her past back into her life may have been a mistake: old wounds are still raw and anger explodes into violence.

All-Star Family Fortunes
8.45pm ITV

Actress and presenter Nadia Sawalha and her family compete against Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle played by Jane Cox and her family. Both celebrities and their families go head to head playing for Big Money, and the chance to win up to £30,000 for the charity of their choice. Hosted by Vernon Kay, pictured.