The founder and frontman of rock band The Who, Roger Daltrey, has said that Muse remind him of a modern version of his band.

The 69-year-old My Generation singer explained that he is a huge fan of the Devon musicians and claimed that they have a similar sound to his group.

Speaking to NME magazine, Daltrey said: ''I can certainly see us in a band like Muse, for instance - they're doing exactly what we did in the 1970s but with new technologies. They're great musicians and they perform brilliantly.''

When asked if he had any advice for upcoming musicians, Daltrey added: ''Dare to be different. When you read a bad review, act like a duck; just go 'quack' and let it roll off your back. But do what you want to do, have fun and don't sign your publishing away!''

Muse drummer Dominic Howard (L) and vocalist Matthew Bellamy (R) of Muse pose with SiriusXM listenersin the first-ever Alt Nation Ping Pong Throwdown