Avengers and Much Ado About Nothing director Joss Whedon has said that he gets “a little touchy” on the subject of plastic geeks.

The self-professed geek told RTÉ TEN: “I think the culture co-opts and ossifies the thing to the point where it has no meaning. It became a piece of cred - you get these supermodels all saying they saw Star Wars so they’re clearly geeks. People trying to co-opt geek culture, as it were because they find there’s riches in it."

He added: "Geeks are basically enthusiasts; they’re people who care more about what they experience than people generally are supposed to.

"I get a little touchy on the subject because I get a little tired of everybody using that and quite frankly since most of the most successful movies are fantasies anyway everybody can jump in the pool.” Much Ado About Nothing is released on June 14.