Queens of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has spoken about his struggle with depression and working with Elton John on his band's new album, . . . Like Clockwork.

Before the recording of the new record, QOTSA's first in six years, Homme (39 and 6' 5") suffered complications during routine knee surgery and ended up bed-ridden for the next four months, during which time he descended into depression.

"I didn't know if I was gonna come out," he told The Guardian. "I had a pretty rough three years, but I don't wanna harp on about it because everything for me is just a smaller set of wounds in a grander set of wounds. I would never say, 'I'm probably not gonna make it out of here.' But back then, I would definitely think it."

In the six year gap between QOTSA albums, Homme produced Arctic Monkeys and played in Them Crooked Vultures and Eagles Of Death Metal but he says he had no drive to make a new Queens' record.

He explained that he was unable to "emerge from the fog’’ but eventually reformed the band. "Making records is supposed to be fun," Homme says. "Even when they're dark, it's fun. But this one was like spelunking – which is supposed to be fun, but really it's just a dark deep cave."

. . . Like Clockwork includes contributions from dream team (Mark Lanegan, Alex Turner, Trent Reznor and Dave Grohl and eh, Sir Elton of John. Turns out that Elt's assistant is Homme's old roommate and he played QOTSA to his boss on a long car journey and passed on his number.

Homme recalled his first meeting with (as The Guardian has it) a real queen from the stone age: "Elton walks in with a big smile, dressed to the nines, arms wide open. So you just go, 'Well how the hell are you doing, babe?' I think it's obvious to him that he creates a certain amount of mania".

"If six people go to an area before you do just to check shit out, like they did to my studio – and the people that came first were pretty tough mother******, which I enjoy – then there is a certain mania. Whenever I'm in London or Paris and everything is refined, for some reason I feel like a cowboy. Like a dirty American. I love that feeling of being inspected."