Judd Apatow has spoken out about the mixed reactions to his latest film This Is 40.

The 45-year-old filmmaker has said that despite receiving varied reviews, he is still quite pleased with the audience reaction.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Apatow said: "The critics I look to were very supportive of the movie. I think people's reactions to the movie are based a little bit on their world-view and life situation."

He added: "Certain people watch it and they relate to it and it makes them very happy to see other people struggling with the same things that they're struggling with. That's a compliment I get from the movie; people often say, 'It feels like you hid cameras in my house. You made us feel less crazy'.

"For some people, the movie might be scary. Because it is about people struggling to be happy and having a hard time. Some people go to the movies for an escape and some people go to the movies to feel more difficult emotions. What I'm trying to do is talk about things in as complex and deep a way as possible, while also trying to be hilariously funny."

He concluded: "That is something that people don't try that often. Some people really dig it, and some people don't."