JLS are planning on making a second attempt at cracking the US market.

The runner-up contestants on The X Factor in 2008 have seen star acts which followed them like Cher Lloyd and One Direction overtake their success to be embraced by the American market.

The Star on Sunday reports member JB saying “We’ll get a plan together with our label and hopefully be going over to see what happens".

After the success of The Wanted and One Direction, the group feel it's a team effort for British acts “We opened the door for groups on X Factor and they’ve opened the door for us in America. There’s no shame in saying they’ve done well.”

JB also disclosed that he has plans to marry longtime girlfriend Chloe Tangney. The paper quotes him as saying "We ­probably will be next to get hitched, we ­discuss it all the time but we’re not in any rush. Sadly, I think there are too many people these days who don’t take their vows seriously, which is why we’re waiting.”

The band release their third studio album, Evolution, in early November.