The Five-Year Engagement star Jason Segel has told RTÉ TEN that actor Chris O'Dowd is his "proper Irish doppelganger" and that they used to "compete for modelling jobs" when they were younger.

While in Dublin to promote The Five-Year Engagement, which is released in cinemas on Friday June 22, Segel was asked by RTÉ TEN about his friendship with O'Dowd.

He replied: "He's a really good friend of mine; we did Gulliver's Travels together."

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With tongue firmly in cheek, Segel continued: "He is my proper Irish doppelganger. We're, like, exactly the same height. We have very similar senses of humour. Ladies love us... Incredibly physically attractive... He and I used to compete for modelling jobs when we were younger."

The friends and former models both star in the upcoming comedy This Is 40, which is released in cinemas in December.