EastEnders actress Jo Joyner has revealed that her character Tanya's troubles may not be over once she gets the all-clear from cancer. Spoiler Alert!

Tanya receives the news she's been hoping for next week when her MRI scan reveals that her cancer treatment has been successful.

However, Joyner told Inside Soap that EastEnders will explore the aftermath of Tanya's illness in the episodes to come.

"Tanya's overwhelmed by the news," she explained. "I talked to the story team about this, because I think it's really important to emphasise that this isn't the end of it all for Tanya. You never really get the all-clear from cancer - she's just clear of it for now.

"The treatment Tanya's undergone has really taken a toll on her. And I think at the back of her mind, she will always be worrying about the possibility of the cancer coming back. She's moving on to the next phase of her life now - and that's going to be equally scary."

Joyner added: "Tanya can't work out why she doesn't feel like celebrating. But then she realises it's because she's scared her cancer might come back - she's worried that she might jinx it. That's just something she's got to get her head round and learn how to deal with."