EastEnders star Nina Wadia has said she "had a massive breakdown" while filming scenes for her current storyline about the death of screen husband Yusef.

Speaking to ITV's Lorraine, Wadia, who plays Zainab Khan, said: "We were filming mid-January, and I suddenly had a massive breakdown in front of everyone! It was really embarrassing. I just cried in the middle of a scene, I just absolutely burst into tears.

"It was Zainab talking about what had happened, and then I just uncontrollably couldn't stop and it was horrible. Luckily Nitin [Ganatra] and Marc [Elliott who play ex-husband Masood Ahmed and son Syed], were there. They literally just took me aside, sat with me and calmed me down. I apologised to the director, because I physically couldn't stop crying."

As to the future for Zainab and Masood, she said: "Zainab's been living with this for a few months now and she finally can't take it anymore. So it all comes out, and it comes out in the worst way possible, in front of everyone. I think she probably would have liked to confess to Masood privately first, but she didn't get a chance.

"It all has gone very wrong for her since Christmas. But I'm hoping, I'm really hoping, at some point they get her and Masood back together."