There’s the faint sound of wedding bells ringing in Albert Square as one of EastEnders’ favourite characters is in for a proposal. Warning: Spoiler alert!

Cheryl Fergison has said that her character, Heather Trott, "couldn't be happier" when Andrew Cotton proposes to her over the coming weeks.

Fergison told All About Soap: "He tells Heather he has to go and fix Dot's leaky tap, but she discovers he's lying. Her mind goes into overdrive and she's convinced he must be involved in dodgy dealings.

“She's been let down so many times before, and her initial reaction is to fly off the handle.

"In the end, he proposes with a plastic washer from Dot's tap.

"Heather's thrilled, though, and couldn't be happier - the ring could have been from a lucky-dip bag and she'd have still said yes. She can't believe her luck!"

Fergison added it’ll be a cut-price budget wedding – if it goes ahead: "It will all be done on a shoestring, but they'll want it to look like the whole William-and-Kate affair.

"As for her dress, I'm sure with Mrs Branning and Mrs Cotton interfering, it could be anything from a lacy number to a meringue.

"Whatever they pick, it won't be very Heather-ish and it'll be completely out of her hands. She won't mind - as long as the family pull together to make it a special day, she'll be happy."

EastEnders fans will say a sad goodbye to Heather when she leaves the show later this year.