Actress Joanna Lumley is helping to raise £4 million to convert Peter Pan author JM Barrie's old home into a children's paradise.

James Matthew Barrie's old home of Moat Brae, a tumbledown villa in the village of Dumfries, Scotland, was the place that inspired his most magical creation, Neverland.

Today, nearly 140 years after Barrie dreamed of pirates and princesses in his childhood playground, the house and gardens are to be transformed into a national centre for children's literature according to The Guardian.

Lumley, who owns a holiday home nearby, is putting her celebrity and money behind the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust which has launched an international appeal to raise £4 million to restore the house to its former glory.

"There is such wonderful potential to create a fantastic national centre for children's literature," said Lumley.

"I want to help raise the profile of this admirable project so that Peter Pan fans from all over the world can support this wonderful restoration."