Oscar co-host James Franco was nonplussed when he heard that Ricky Gervais had offered some suggestions on how he and Anne Hathaway should present their opening sequence. The controversial host of the Golden Globes posted the advice for the debutant hosts on his official blog.

"He did his award show and he bombed," Franco told E!. "Why is he trying to get in on ours?"

But Franco, who is also a Best Actor nominee for 127 Hours, was more amenable when he heard some of Gervais’s proposed materal. "I'll use some of these lines, thanks Ricky," the actor added.

Gervais responded to the whole controversy on his blog with tongue-in-cheek incredulity. “Amazingly some people thought that I wrote that intro to The Oscars, in the hope it might actually be used,” he wrote. “Hilarious.I am still shocked by the existence of such stupidity in the world. As if I seriously thought if would ever be considered. It's not like I sent it to the academy or even imagined they would read it.”