Amanda Mealing has revealed that her decision to leave 'Holby City' was influenced by a "love" for her character Connie Beauchamp.

The actress announced back in June that she was bowing out of the BBC medical drama after more than six years in the role.

Speaking on today's 'This Morning' about departing the show, Mealing admitted: "It seems like a crazy idea, doesn't it? Part of it is leave before you're pushed! But [it was] also just a real love for Connie.

"I don't want the writers, the audience or anyone to get bored of her or feel that she's predictable. I think that after six and a half years, to still be able to find something new about her is a credit to the writers, really."

Digitalspy reports that the 43-year-old also hinted that Connie's departure will tie in with the tensions that are developing at the hospital following the arrival of Henrik Hanssen, played by Guy Henry.

Asked whether Connie will go quietly, she replied: "I don't think Connie goes quietly anywhere! She always goes with a fight. I think that her nemesis has arrived and it causes her to question everything about herself and she doesn't like what she's become."