The new star of 'Doctor Who', Matt Smith, has said working on the science fiction series is "glorious".

The 27-year-old actor is the eleventh person to play the Doctor on the popular BBC series which returned to television screens last Saturday and continues tonight.

Speaking to SFX he said "I've moved up to Cardiff and I get to go and be The Doctor every day, which is just glorious. It's a great privilege, really.

"And obviously there aren't many parts where a) it's announced like that and b) your life changes in a public sense as much, because obviously the show is so well loved and so widely received that people are aware of it."

He continued: "[My life has] changed in the way that I now fight aliens every day! Aliens that aren't actually there in front of me... Often you're looking at a ball of string and some guy, and that's meant to be some sort of horrible demonic creature from the gallows!"