'Celebrity Big Brother' presenter Davina McCall became a housemate for the first time last night after sneaking in to the house dressed as a chicken.

PA reports that McCall entered the house last night after businesswoman Ivana Trump and glamour model Nicola Tappenden were evicted.

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Trump, who is best known for her marriage to Donald Trump, was the first to go. Later Tappenden was called to the diary room, still dressed in a chicken costume which she had been given earlier for a farmyard task.

Big Brother asked if she was enjoying her time in the house. When she replied that she was, Tappenden was told: "That's too bad because it's all about to end." The model, who removed her chicken feet before leaving, exclaimed: "I haven't got my shoes on. I need my shoes."

Tappenden told McCall: "That was mean. I thought I was going in to get my microphone changed or something." The model was not allowed to say goodbye to her fellow housemates but said: "I probably would have cried if I did say goodbye so it's probably for the best."

McCall then announced that she was climbing into Tappenden's chicken costume and headed into the house to trick the celebrities.

McCall told Big Brother "I'm really frightened. Can I come and talk to you if I need to?"

The remaining housemates had no idea that Tappenden had left.

McCall was banned from speaking in the house but Vinnie Jones immediately guessed it was a trick, saying: "That's not Nic."

He said Tappenden did not walk like the person in the chicken suit and the housemates speculated that Trump had returned in disguise. Speaking from the diary room, McCall told Big Brother's Big Mouth: "They are terrorising me. They sussed me immediately."