John and Edward Grimes are backing Thierry Henry, despite the controversial debate over last week's France v Ireland World Cup qualifier.

Speaking to The Sun, Edward said: "Thierry Henry is great at soccer.

"He is deadly. A great player. We didn't see the game because we were in rehearsals but we know he helped score a goal that people say was cheating.

"He's still a great player. He's such a cool guy. We're still up for going to the World Cup.

"We'd love to go to one of those huge events, like the soccer World Cup or the Olympics."

When asked about the duo's own sporting achievements, John said: "We do cross country, 10,000m, 1500m and 800m. Running on the track is easy when you're used to running up hills.

"We run 45-miles a week. We wanted to run the Dublin marathon last year but we weren't allowed because we were too young.

"Our coach thinks we are really good and that we are getting better all the time. We haven't been able to run recently because we've been in the 'X Factor' house. We really miss it.

Although he added: "If I had to choose between running in the Olympics for Ireland or being a pop star - I'd be a pop star, baby."