Eminem has stepped up his feud with Mariah Carey by releasing a new track about the singer called ‘The Warning’.

Carey has denied having a relationship with Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers – in the past and a song by each star has already been interpreted as a message from one to the other; Eminem's ‘Bagpipes From Baghdad’ and Carey’s ‘Obsessed’.

‘The Warning’ takes the dispute a step further by referring to both Carey and her husband Nick Cannon and going into explicit detail about Carey’s alleged relationship with Mathers.

The song opens with the line "You wanna hear something wick-wack, I got the same tattoo that’s on Nick’s back".

In it, the rapper goes on to refer to the video for Carey’s song ‘Obsessed’, which features Carey as a stalker in Eminem-lookalike guise, call Carey a liar and threaten to release pictures and phone messages.