Scottish singer KT Tunstall is working on the follow-up to her best-selling debut album, 'Eye to the Telescope'.

Speaking to about her music, Tunstall said: "Although it's definitely moved on, it's not a radical change. I still feel like there is unfinished business with what I'm doing at the moment. The second album sort of feels like the next half of a book rather than a totally different book."

Tunstall began recording in July at a small London studio; she then moved to the world famous Rockfield Studios (Led Zeppelin, Queen) in Wales to work on the album but then moved back to the London studio.

"I'm really excited about that because the first album was made in the middle of the country, so I'm now looking at making an album in London. I think the city will always find its way under the door of the studio and imbed itself in what you're doing," Tunstall added.

The album is due in the spring or summer of 2007.