LL Cool J, who is currently filming with Colin Farrell, says the Irish actor's smoking is driving him crazy.

The rapper stars with Farrell and Samuel L Jackson in SWAT, which is currently filming in LA.

"Colin is my man," LL told reporters, "I just don't want to catch emphysema hanging around him. You know, he smokes 15 cartons a day, but other than that I love him."

He added, "He's a real nice guy. And he has a good spirit and he's cool. You know, he's just gonna smoke you out of house and home."

The film focuses on an arrested drug kingpin being guarded by an LA SWAT team. He offers $100m to anyone who can free him.

'SWAT' is due to hit US cinemas in August of this year.

Farrell is currently starring in superhero film 'Daredevil' with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.