Action superstar Jackie Chan has given a press conference in Dublin to promote his latest movie, 'Highbinders', currently filming in Ireland.

Chan along with co-star Claire Forlani and producer Bey Logan told journalists about their initial experiences filming the $31m movie.

Asked about the decision to shoot in Ireland, Logan said: "There's something about this particular city, this country, that lends itself to such a passionate story."

Chan, who plays policeman Eddie Yang, said: "This script is interesting. I kind of die but do not."

The supernatural plot sees Chan's character come back from the grave to chase an international slave trade syndicate to Dublin.

Filming has so far taken place in Sally Gap with Hong Kong director Gordon Chan behind the lens.

Forlani revealed that an ex-boyfriend had introduced her to Chan's movies.

The English beauty said: "I was really amazed at Jackie's Chaplinesque movement. My manager and agent thought I wouldn't be interested in the movie. But I was like Jackie Chan! Yeah! I was really excited."

'Highbinders' should hit screens sometime next year.