Theatre Reviews

  • A brilliant nights entertainment The Cripple of Inishmaan

    If you've a chance to get your hands on a ticket for Martin McDonagh's 'The Cripple of Inishmaan' take it and run. A brilliant night's entertainment awaits.

  • Vanessa Redgrave The Year of Magical Thinking

    Two of our reviewers, Taragh Loughrey-Grant and Brendan Cole, went to see 'The Year Of Magical Thinking' on different nights.

  • Woman and Scarecrow running at the Peacock Theatre  Woman and Scarecrow

    Clever dialogue, a striking set and costume design and strong performances from all make this a two-hour death scene to remember.

  • Entertaining dialogue The History Boys

    This lively production, with wonderful performances, will hold your attention until the end, making it easy to see why the play has won so many awards.

  • Road To Nowhere

    Time moves on, and what this production proves is that it is best to go with the flow.

  • Superb The Playboy of the Western World

    Every line is played for laughs and brilliantly delivered by an exemplary cast, making for a re-working which is nothing short of an absolute triumph.

  • Highly charged Long Day's Journey Into Night

    The combined efforts of all, with Druid's Garry Hynes at the helm, make for an absorbing and highly charged theatrical endeavour.

  • Is This About Sex? - Running at the Pavilion Theatre Is This About Sex?

    Although 'Is This About Sex' journeys progressively down hill to a rash conclusion, it nonetheless contains enough laughs to make for an enjoyable evening.

  • Radio Macbeth - Running at the Project Cube  Radio Macbeth

    This unique take on Shakespeare is is often hard to fathom and requires significant input from the audience in trying to unravel what exactly it is the production is trying to achieve.

  • Timeless in its appeal Uncle Vanya

    Uncle Vanya is timeless in its appeal and in Brian Friel's version, references to endangered forests and possible climate change are given heightened expression.

  • Traces - Incredible take on modern circus Traces

    This is miles apart from the traditional Big Top Tent, but is also universally appealing.

  • Makes for unsettling viewing Kebab

    'Kebab', a play about the plight of those in search of a better life, makes for unsettling viewing.

  • Unmissable theatre Photo: Pat Redmond The Pride of Parnell Street

    Gritty and often deeply moving, Sebastian Barry's new play is a superb warts-and-all love story that touches on a slice of Dublin life in the midst of change.