Third parties may be identified by either RTÉ or the producer as a source of co-funding. This may be by way of co-production, sponsorship, Section 481, or otherwise. In addition, funding may be proposed from other outside agencies such as the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and / or the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission (NIFTC). However, all approaches, discussions and subsequent arrangements relating to such third party funding shall have the prior approval of RTÉ and the arrangements may be implemented by RTÉ.

The net value of monies generated from other sources of funding will be applied to the production budget in the context of co-funding and shall not be treated as an increased production fee or profit to the producer. Sponsorship monies will accrue to RTÉ.

All sponsorship arrangements resulting from such co-funding shall be in compliance with RTÉ's Sponsorship Guidelines, and must be approved by RTÉ in advance.

All on/off air exposures/credits resulting from any third party funding shall be in accordance with RTE's credit specifications and must be agreed in advance.

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