Where a production has been completed in accordance with the programme specification for less than the approved budget, the agreed savings shall be divided as to 50% to the producer and 50% to RTÉ. However, the following caveats apply:

(a). RTÉ Independent Productions must be satisfied that there
has been no reduction or change in the editorial and
production values of the Programme as contained in the
programme proposal.

(b). Any provision in the approved budget for specific items or
areas of expenditure but which in the event are not required
may be returned to or retained by RTÉ and not treated as a
saving, depending on whether a specific saving may have to
offset an over-run in another part of the production.

(c). RTÉ distinguishes between savings achieved by economy
and good management from budgeted items which were in
good faith provided for in the budget but in the event proved
not to be necessary.

RTÉ 2016
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