UPDATED: 04th October 2016

Ceannasaí Cláracha Gaeilge, Education and Science : Colm O'Callaghan

Executive Producer: Kevin Cummins


Among the highlights of the slate during 2016 were strong, public education pieces like 'Peter McVerry : A View From The Basement', a closely-observed look at poverty, homelessness and dis-location in the heart of Dublin city, 'John Connors ; The Travellers', a ground-breaking cross-platform project on Traveller history in partnership with University College Dublin and 'Inside Trinity', an observational four-part series set inside the walls of one of Ireland's most iconic institutions.

We also broadcast three live shows in September from the National Ploughing Championships.

Over the course of the Autumn, the slate will also broadcast a second series of 'Building Ireland', three science-based one-off documentaries, a tenth series of the global affairs strand, 'What In The World', a four-part series on digital literacy and technology called 'Making Ireland Click' as well as a one-off Christmas reprise that brings us back to the scene of last Spring's 'Big Week On The Farm'.

We are currently in production on strong documentaries about Autism, the deaf experience in contemporary Ireland, a high-end, three-part sports history series and a sequel to the multi-award winning documentary, 'Close To Evil'.

'Big Week On The Farm', 'John Connors : The Travellers' and 'Making Ireland Click' all feature fully-formed digital aspects and this department is especially keen on dual-platform story-telling and in exploring further opportunities in this respect. Projects that can co-exist on-line and that can endure before and after linear transmission are especially welcome.

Projects that can also have a life post-transmission - either as learning tools or public education tools - will also be given special consideration.

We also have a broad view of on-screen talent and remain keen on unlikely and/or fresh choices ;- among those fronting projects for us in 2016 are retired hurler Henry Shefflin, film producer and education advocate David Puttnam and architect Orla Murphy.
Recent science-based output includes 'Big Week On The Farm', 'Building Ireland', 'Henry Shefflin - Winning' and the award-winning factual documentary series, 'Crumlin', all of which had broad science themes at the root of strong, contemporary Irish stories.

RTÉ is continuing it's relationship with Science Foundation Ireland into 2017 and further opportunities under this initiative will be announced over the coming months.

We are also open to discussing other strategic and funding partnerships, advertiser-funded programming and completion funding where appropriate. We have funded several recent projects in partnership with the B.A.I.'s Sound And Vision scheme and will continue to support particular proposals that comply with the spirit of that fund.

Forthcoming projects like 'Headfort' and 'Crash And Burn' have been produced in partnership with the Irish Film Board and other broadcasters and we will continue to work with, and in support of, independent producers and production companies who have international ambitions for their work.


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