RTÉ Television Press Office Publicity Materials:

In order to give full promotional support for your programme/series, the following is an outline of the publicity materials required as part of the deliverables for any programme or series on RTÉ Television:


  • Programme/series overview - answering the basic questions what, when, where, why, who, how etc. This information should be given in the form of a press release or in a form that can easily be edited into a press release.
  • Episode synopses/billings information (including series and episode number)
  • Bios for presenters or participants (as appropriate)
  • Programme-specific info e.g. recipes from MasterChef, eating plans for Op Trans, etc. (as appropriate)


  • Properly composed, decently lit, high res images are a minimum requirement and part of your deliverables, along with programme tapes, etc. Grabs are not acceptable to most print media and are usually not of a suitable standard.
  • Images should ideally be taken by a professional photographer but can be taken by anyone with a knowledge of composition, lighting and Photoshop, subject to you being able to guarantee supply of images to the standard required by the TV Press Office.
  • Number of images required depend on the production but in general at least 3-4 main series shots and another 3-4 per ep would be the bare minimum. Bigger productions will require significantly more photography. We are happy to discuss the specific requirements for your production with you.

The main requirements are:

    • High Res: 300 dpi, min 1MB
    • Main pics: Shots that illustrate the context and/or narrative of the series/programme and have visual impact, eg posed presenters shots to camera, cast shots, etc.
    • Episodics: Shots that illustrate the action or story of a particular ep and feature the contributors/ presenters/actors et al specifically involved in that ep.
    • Landscape & Portrait: We need a mixture of landscape and portrait shots. While print media use both, for most websites, banner ads, EPGs and the on-air squeezeback we can only use landscape shots.
    • Quality: All images supplied should be of a high quality in terms of resolution and of composition, lighting, visual impact, etc. so that they are usable promotional tools for your programme/series.

Programmes with different genres/durations/budget need different levels of spend on images and we understand that budgets are tight. However, all images provided need to conform to the above basic standards.

Once the programme has been greenlit the TV Press Office will be in touch to discuss your plans for delivering photography and digital materials so that appropriate provision can be made in the budget.

Programme Copies:
We ask that approved preview copies of the programme be made available via secure streaming services to preview copies online (e.g. Dropbox/Vimeo). We will then provide access to media via the link. If, for some reason, that is not possible you will need to supply multiple DVD copies (min. 5 max 15).

This replaces the previous requirement for an extra digibeta for TV Comms.

Press Officers need access to and contacts for any on air or crew personnel that may be relevant to publicity activity. The presenters/contributors also need to be contracted on the basis that they will take part in reasonable amounts of publicity activity and we would ask for the support of producers on this.

All publicity materials need to be delivered to RTE a minimum of four weeks prior to TX. However, any programme/series hoping to get strong coverage in print supplements (e.g. Life magazine, RTÉ Guide, etc) or on major broadcast outlets (Late Late, etc) should provide the materials to the RTÉ Press Office even earlier than that (at least 6 weeks prior to TX) to allow for long-lead pitching.

Online/Digital Materials:
As media move online and the use of social media as a promotional tool becomes more important, the TV Press Office will need to be supplied with material that can be used on these platforms in order to promote programmes.

We would request that producers factor in the requirement to supply digital assets (like clips, Q&As with presenters/contributors and EPKs) both for use on RTÉ's own sites (e.g. the RTÉ Presspack, RTÉ Ten and RTÉ.ie) and on third party sites (e.g.,,, etc) , as well as other materials for use on FB/YouTube/Twitter etc. Again we are happy to discuss the requirements with you and work with you on putting together materials that support your programme and get it to the widest audience possible.

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