During the course of production the cost control reporting system may identify adverse trends which could in time lead to an overspend. It is the Independent Producer's responsibility to alert Independent Productions to the possibility of overspends in writing as soon as is possible and to submit proposals for limiting actual costs to within the agreed budget. The reasons given by the Independent Producer for such possible overspends will be jointly examined.

The producer will normally be responsible for such overspend. However, RTÉ may agree to contribute towards the cost of the overspend if the reasons were outside the direct control of the producer and where RTÉ has been alerted to such an event ahead of time.

It is essential that the producer alerts RTÉ to such a situation during the course of production and not after the programme has been completed, so that variations against agreed budget may be cleared by Independent Productions in advance. Independent Productions will not consider any additional payment to cover a budget over-run in circumstances where the producer could have alerted Independent Productions in advance of the over-run, but failed to do so.

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