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RTÉ works in partnership with independent producers to create many of Ireland's favourite television programmes.

As programme-makers, we work together in one of the most competitive broadcasting environments in the world - nearly nine in ten Irish homes are multi-channel. We compete for viewers against some of the world's largest commercial broadcasters and the world's best-funded public service broadcaster.

Our schedules are built on original Irish content, and we need your ideas and production skill to produce the shows that our audiences want to watch. For more information please click here. More...

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Independent Production

Title: The Fear

The Fear is back for a fourth season. Trawling around the country the gang will be up to their usual tricks, storming across Ireland with their hidden camera and generally spreading The Fear.

This season will feature plenty more pranks and see the return of all your favourite characters, Irinka The Russian Streetwalker, The Nun, Fred Cooke, Sergeant Major and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland.

Joining Hilary Rose, Ross Browne and Fred Cooke this season will be some special guest comedians including Dermot Whelan, Karl Spain and Martin Maloney.

Transmission: Mondays RTÉ2 @ 22.25

Genre: Comedy

Production Company: Second Tribe Productions


Title: Garda Down Under

GARDA DOWN UNDER is a brand new series following ex-Gardaí as they adapt to the cut and thrust of law enforcement in Western Australia, the world's biggest police district.

Garda Down Under is the story of life on the beat for Irish officers working in Western Australia, the largest police district in the world. So large, in fact, that the island of Ireland would fit in there 30 times over.

This vast expanse needs policing and with a rapidly growing population thanks to a mining boom, the WA government looked overseas, aggressively recruiting experienced officers from other jurisdictions. The Gardaí, regarded as highly trained by the Australian police force, were among their prime targets.

Since 2005, 30 Gardaí have decided to pack up and head for sunnier climes, leaving recession-hit Ireland behind for a new life as cops in booming WA.

For the first time ever, the WA Police Department have opened their doors to our cameras. With unique and unhindered access, we get an exclusive look at how crime fighters operate down under.

In this six-part series we follow the Irish recruits on the job and off duty as they settle in. Far from home - and away from extended family networks - we discover what life is like for the Irish 'transitional officers', as they get to grips with their new work and lifestyle. We also get to see how their partners adapt to life on the other side of the world. From the urban sophistication of Perth to Kununurra, a place so remote police officers do everything from taking forensic evidence to acting as temporary paramedics, it's a major culture shock for our ex-Gardaí.

Set against a backdrop of glorious sunshine and breathtaking beaches, the sheer vastness of the benign looking but harsh landscape can be one of the greatest hindrances in solving crime.

With unique and exclusive access to their crime fighting units, this series, narrated by Kathryn Thomas, exposes the danger of crime fighting in a foreign land for many Irish men and women

Transmission: Wednesday's RTÉ One @ 20.30

Genre: Regional

Production Company: Encore Productions



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