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Title: Whose Holiday Is It Anyway

Whose Holiday is it Anyway is a new format that sees family dynamics at work and role reversal taken to a new level. A household's teenage children are given a chunk of money to organize a dream holiday for the whole family - but whose dream holiday will it be? The teens or the parents!

Each week, a lively outgoing but typically fractious family is given a budget to choose their annual getaway. With issues of trust, responsibility, control-freakishness and downright greed - the teens hold the purse strings to the trip away.

Some will try to select suitable trips for the whole family, but if cast correctly most won't. Inevitably there will be the usual disagreements that exist in teenage homes, all heightened with the incredibly unusual situation of parents genuinely putting the kids in charge.

This is Don't Tell the Bride meets Outnumbered!

Perhaps the parents dream holiday involves a laid back sun holiday that involves nothing more than lying by the pool soaking up the sun. But their children may want something a little more adventurous - completely fed up with chilled holidays they have a very different idea of what they should be doing on holidays!

With the entire holiday budget handed over to the kids they set about booking their annual family holiday, completely unsupervised! The kids decide everything - from what they will be doing to what they'll be eating, they will even decide what they'll be wearing as they are in charge of packing everyone's bags! Poor mum and dad, without a cent in their pocket, they won't even know where they are going until they arrive at the airport.

With issues of trust, responsibility, control-freakishness and downright determination from the kids Whose Holiday Is It Anyway will take family dynamics taken to a new level.

With wonderful casting, fabulous holiday locations and lots of drama - this is Sunday night viewing - truly for all the family, gorgeous to look at, exciting, fun with a little bit of escapism thrown in.

"Whose Holiday Is It Anyway" Starts Sunday 04th November on RTÉ One at 18.30

Genre: RTÉ Lifestyle

Production Company: CoCo Television



A brand new fashion series with Darren Kennedy.

#TRENDING, RTÉ2's new feisty & fun fashion starts on Thursday 23 October. Presented by Ireland's 'Most Stylish Man' - Darren Kennedy,

#TRENDING will keep you plugged into fashion, pop culture, street style, beauty and celebrity trends. Filmed on location in a customised pop up set and a cool urban studio in the heart of the city, #TRENDING is a fashion show full of stylish insights and opinions. With segments as diverse as beauty vlogging ('beautubers'), Fashion Dashes, 'The Pop Up' and 'Rising stars , this new series #TRENDING promises to be one of the most fashion packed half hours of TV.

Every episode will feature insider tips on how to achieve the latest designer looks and celebrities will share their style secrets. But most of all #TRENDING is exactly what the title suggests; a fashion series that's as much about you as it is about celebrity, a series that's as much online as it is offline and a series that creates a following rather than follows.

"#Trending" Thursday 23rd October on RTÉ2 at 20.30

Production Company: COCO Television


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RTÉ Factual have a a new call for ideas. For more information please click here


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