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Title: Lords & Ladles

Lords & Ladles takes the viewer on a historical journey to celebrate our past through the wonders of food and the glories of cooking. The series features three of Ireland's finest Chefs: Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio and Paul Flynn who are as oddly complimentary as the Top Gear trio, with egos to match.

Each week the Chefs arrive at a Great Irish Country House and must recreate a grand dinner from its history while tantalising the TV audience with sumptuous descriptions of the treats that are on the menu. But first they must Draw Lots for the division of labour - one will Gather the ingredients, one will Cook, and one will get to Dine with the Gentry.

The Gatherer must source the ingredients for the feast from the local environs - hunting, shooting and fishing feature strongly, as do cow's lips and eyes, lamb's stones and lots of tongue! The Cook will familiarise themselves with the workings or not of the kitchen, check out the original house cookbooks - some fine old tomes filled with mouth-watering recipes from the past - Birr Castle boasts a cook book dating from 1666.

Meanwhile the Diner gets to explore the house with its owners and caretakers, learning about its place in the history of the area and the Island, the trials and tribulations of the family seat and of course help lay the table using the finest silver and china from the house safe.

The Cook's work all done, the meal will be served with all the pomp and ceremony it deserves, to the audible delight of the diners who can't help themselves from gasping at the spectacle as the sumptuous banquet is laid before them.

Each episode is set in one of Ireland's many stately homes.

Transmission: Sundays at 18.30- RTÉ One

Genre: Entertainment

Production Company: Mind The Gap


Title: Exiles

Exiles is a programme about the new Irish Emigrants and the new places they go - in this case Vancouver, Canada.

The show follows 6 young Irish people as they emigrate from Ireland to Canada to start a new life and chase their dreams.

We meet the cast for the first time.

Sean McConnon- a flamboyant Dubliner has moved to Vancouver to advance his career as a fashion stylist. The great grandson of Jim Larkin , the famous workers leader, Sean is outspoken and has a lot to say on the subject of Irish people and Fashion.

Dylan Townsend- writer, director, poet and hipster - Dylan is from Howth in Dublin - and has followed his older brother, actor Stuart Townsend into the world of film and TV. He has moved to Vancouver to make his web series Hipsterverse - "A kinda National Geographic about Hipsters"

Nicola Hughes - a well known Dublin model, wants to throw off the shackles of Grafton Street press calls and make it as a TV presenter in Canada. Leaving her persona and her celebrity boyfriend Alex Mytton from Made in Chelsea behind - she sets out to find a new version of herself.

George Hutton - from Derry is an Opera singer and Irish tenor . After brief stints singing in Ireland he has been mostly working in coffee shops and bars and has struggled to make it. He moved to Vancouver to follow his dream of finding a new audience for his singing.

Jade Stone - a Wexford native, studied marketing in UCD but has always wanted to become a photographer. In Vancouver, with her new visa - she wants to make a new career with her new life and starts on the road to becoming a photographer

India Dawson- legal student and show jumping champion - has taken two years out of college and got the visa for Canada to pursue her life long ambition of becoming an indie pop singer. Having sung all her life , the prospect of the Canadian visa gave her the now or never chance and she took it. Her ambition is to perform, write and record her first album.

Transmission: Thursdays @ 21.00 - RTÉ 2

Genre: Lifestyle

Production Company: Straywave Media


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