It is in the interest of both RTÉ and the independent production company supplying a programme for transmission that the delivery and subsequent transmission of completed programmes occurs as smoothly as possible.

In addition to pre-arranged editorial and stylistic requirements, RTÉ has standard delivery, transmission and technical requirements for all programmes. These are designed to ensure that programmes are publicised in advance, and are broadcast at the correct time, without technical problems, and that no legal or copyright problems occur either pre- or post-transmission. They may also facilitate subsequent exploitation of programmes by way of distribution, overseas sales etc. with the minimum difficulties.

It is a requirement of every RTÉ independent commission that all items on the Delivery Checklist (click here for Delivery Checklist) accompany the transmission tape. Final payments on productions will not issue in advance of receipt of all delivery requirements.

All queries regarding RTÉ's Delivery and Transmission Requirements can be addressed to Independent Productions, Tel No 208 4811, 208 2743, 208 3429.

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