Jane Gogan
Commissioning Editor

RTÉ Drama - The Challenging Voice
Television drama is the ideal medium to address and reflect the things that commonly concern people. In a time of immense change drama can express ideas, confront fears and connect us with a common voice: good drama will tap into the zeitgeist of our time. Through series and serials, using a range of dramatic devices RTÉ Drama is interested in exploring some of the issues of our time.

Time of Change
RTÉ invites drama writers to reflect on some of these questions . what has prosperity done to Ireland? How do the two Ireland's of rich and of poor, of privileged and deprived, interconnect? What is the effect of the diminishing role of the Catholic Church and the rise of secularism? The drug and gun culture and spiralling violent crime. How does the burgeoning gambling industry impact on the individual? What impact does immigration have on Ireland .. and Ireland on the immigrant?

Institutional and Corporate Ireland
RTÉ would like to see writers examining, for example, the impact of Irish institutions on the individual: education, the health system, the Garda Síochana, the legal profession, the banks and financial institutions, global corporations and the media can all be open to the enquiring mind of the television writer on the viewers' behalf. Where is the courageous person in contemporary Irish life?

Family Life
Also among ideas of interest is the concept of the family: marriage, parenthood, childhood and adolescence, fertility and relationships. We would like to see ideas that explore what is happening to contemporary family life in Ireland.

Our Future
The economy, and its rapid development, continues to change the face of Ireland and the attitudes of those who live here with both positive and negative results. What's happening in Ireland today and what will be the impact on Irish life three, five, ten years down the road? We would like writers to envisage the political, social and cultural life in the Ireland of tomorrow.

Formats and submissions
Independent Productions operates a rolling submissions policy for drama programming. All slots are post-watershed. For RTÉ ONE we commission series and serials to transmit after the 9pm news on Sunday and Monday nights. For RTÉ TWO we are seeking series for the Monday night comedy drama slot and submissions for drama series for Tuesday nights on RTÉ TWO.

Producers should note that priority will be given to serials and series with episodes of one hour duration for RTÉ ONE, half hour or hour long duration for RTÉ TWO, in two, four, six or eight parts. We are particularly interested in series that have the potential to return year on year and the development of compelling lead characters who can carry returnable drama events.

One-off or single episode projects will also be considered in particular circumstances where secondary sources of finance can be brought to the production.

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