On the basis that RTÉ provides all or the majority of the production funding, the basic deal terms in respect of commissioned programmes are as follows:

(i )   RTÉ will be assigned the copyright in the Programme in 
       perpetuity throughout the world.

(ii )  This assignment includes all television, video rights, 
       interactive rights, internet rights and ancillary rights such as 
       tie-in publishing rights and soundtrack album rights etc.

(iii)  RTÉ will be entitled to unlimited broadcasts of the Programme
       on RTÉ television services for 5 years.  An additional fee will 
       be paid to Producers in respect of any television broadcasts 
       of the Programme on RTÉ services taking place at any time
       after 5 years from the date of first broadcast of the last
       episode of the Programme on RTÉ services.  The repeat fee
       will be in accordance with the fees paid by RTÉ at the time of
       the repeat in respect of acquired programmes of similar
       quality to the Programme.  In the event the Producer and
       RTÉ are unable to agree the fee then RTÉ will be entitled to
       make the broadcast but the matter of the amount of the fee
       will be referred to arbitration.

(iv)  Any world television distribution revenues will be divided as
       follows (such distribution to be handled by RTÉ unless
       otherwise agreed): first, distribution fees of 30% and
       distribution costs will be deducted, second, balance is 
       divided 30% to the Independent Producer and 70% to RTÉ.

(v )  The arrangements and revenue splits in respect of video,
       publishing, soundtrack and SMS exploitation are agreed on a
       case by case basis.

(vi)  As publisher of the programme, RTÉ will have final editorial
       control over the Programme.

(vi)  The situation with regard to music clearances in respect of
       commissioned programmes is as follows: MCPS / PPI / IMRO
       rights are cleared under RTÉ's blanket agreements for the
       purposes of the television broadcast of the Programme on
       RTÉ television services.

RTÉ 2010
Terms & Conditions