Budget totals included on submission forms, must be accurate and reflect real cost of production, as major variations at negotiating stage will not be entertained.

Following approval of a proposal in principle, discussions will commence between the producer and Independent Productions on the final programme specification. Once this is agreed talks will begin on detailed budget and contract. The final budget will be based on the agreed programme specification.

Budgets should reflect the current market rates for facilities and services, and should therefore be realistically priced. However, Independent Productions may require the producer to obtain a number of quotations for facilities or other budget items in order to ensure the best possible value for such services.

Having agreed a production budget, an appropriate production fee will be applied.

A contingency budget may also be included and will vary depending on the complexity of the production. The production fee will not apply to the contingency. Independent Productions prior approval for the expenditure of such a contingency must be agreed in all cases.

Before proceeding to contract, the independent producer must provide Independent Productions with an up to date Tax Clearance Certificate and confirm to their nominated insurance provider that they have an up-to-date Health & Safety Policy Statement.

Note that RTÉ will have no responsibility for any costs or obligations incurred by Independent Producer's in the absence of a signed commissioning contract with RTÉ.

Note: This document is for general information only and the terms applicable to each specific programme will be set out in the commissioning contract for that specific programme.

Production costs, overheads and production fees

The production budget shall include:

  1. All agreed development costs
  2. All approved direct costs of production including reasonable overhead costs of maximum 4%
  3. A production fee negotiated as set out below
  4. Insurance costs, legal and accounting fees, and contingency where appropriate. However, the production fee will not be calculated on any contingency element of the budget

Production fees will be negotiated on a project by project basis (other than in the case of multi-annual or volume deals) and will be determined by consideration of the following relevant factors:

  1. The amount of the production budget
  2. The complexity of the production
  3. The duration and scale of the production
  4. The originator of the programme concept
  5. The total volume of work commissioned by RTÉ from an individual producer where a marginal maximum production fee of 10% will apply for all new business in excess of €1.5 m
  6. Whether the programme is part of a multi-annual or volume deal

The production fee in the case of projects other than multi-annual or volume deals will be in accordance with the following scale:

Production Budget

Minimum Production Fee

Up to €95,000


€95,001 - €190,000


€190,001 - €318,000


€318,001 - €508,000


€508,001 - €889,000


€889,001 - upwards

For budgets over €889,000 the first €889,000 will be at 10% with the % fee in respect of the excess to be negotiated

It is recognised that in the case of multi-annual or volume deals the production fees will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

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