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Horse racing to be curtailed in 1917
Leopardstown Races on St Stephen's Day 1914. Photo: Irish Life, 1 January 1915. Full collection available in the National Library of Ireland

Horse racing to be curtailed in 1917

The Curragh, 6 January 1917 - The senior Steward of the Turf Club has informed his members and the members of the Irish National Hunt Society Committee that the Chief Secretary of Ireland, Henry Duke, had intimated to him that 'in the interests of the State the Government required that the number of days racing in Ireland in the present year be considerably reduced'.

Furthermore, the Chief Secretary informed the stewards that the Government had taken control over the Irish railways and that 'pleasure traffic of all descriptions would be discontinued'.

The stewards expressed their intention of publishing, at the earliest opportunity, a list of the fixtures which had received official sanction. As things stand, some 141 days of hunting have already been sanctioned by racing authorities in Ireland and it now remains to be seen how many of these days the state will actually allow to take place.

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