Young woman charged with deception

Published: 8 August 1913

A fashionably dressed young woman, Gretta Lawrence, appeared in court today charged with having obtaining board and lodging by deception.

Miss Lawrence first booked into the Salthill Hotel on June 26th, arriving in a private motor car, and claiming that she had missed her boat out of Dublin. She claimed she was travelling to Paris with her husband. She gave her name as Mrs Hughes of Woodlawn, Bandon, County Cork and told the hotel management that her husband was a barrister. She remained in the hotel until July 5th, at which time she left and did not return. She subsequently took rooms from Mrs Gildof, Strand Road, Merrion, where she spun the same story and stayed for three nights before again absconding without paying the bill. The unpaid bills Miss Lawrence left  behind her at the two properties amounted to £12.

The judge accepted the charges and sent Miss Lawrence forward for trail later in the month.

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