Women at work
Women are now working in more industrial roles as seen here in a carpet factory in KIllybegs, Co. Donegal in 1905 Photo: National Library of Ireland, L_ROY_09151

Women at work

Published: 20 December 1913

The extent to which women have invaded the occupations formerly considered suitable for men only is shown in a volume of census statistics recently issued. The returns refer only to England and Wales but the conditions would reflect those in other industrial nations, including Ireland.

Women have some occupations exclusively to themselves, that of domestic service, dressmakers and milliners. Women also dominate teaching, music, box and bag making, textiles and tailoring. The theatrical profession is equally divided among the sexes, while one quarter of business and commercial clerks are women.

The most surprising results find 90,000 women working as farmers or on farms, 605 women are pilots or boatmen, 42 women are coal heavers, 166 are masons and 86 are plumbers. It is important to note that the women working in these areas are mainly either managing owners or partners.

The total number of women working in the UK is 4,830,731, with nearly one million of these women being under 13 years of age.

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