Woman Threatens to Burn Child and Attacks Woman

Ellen Brennan, an inmate of the Swineford workhouse, was brought before the court today accused of attacking a fellow inmate, Norah Teatum. Teatum claimed Brennan had threatened to burn her child, and when Teatum had responded that it was enough for Brennan to kill her own youngster, Brennan had attacked her with a set of fire tongs, rendering her unconscious. When Brennan was brought into court, she made an attempt to attack Teatum again and was only halted by the police in the court. The Chairman of the court described Brennan’s behaviour as disgraceful and sentenced her to a month in prison with hard labour. It emerged during proceedings that drink had been a factor in the attack. When asked by the court where Brennan got her drink, the Sergeant replied: ‘she only has to call for a glass of whiskey in any house in the town, and she would get it for peace sake, so much afraid were the public of her’.

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