Who’s who in Mexico?

Published: 23 April 1914

Amidst the current crisis in Mexico The Irish Independent has published a ‘Who’s Who in Mexico’ list to help follow the coverage.

The Mexicans: (L to R) Huerta, Villa, Carranza

General Huerta - The leader who claims to be a pure-blooded Aztec and all the virtues and the vices of the Indian are attributed to him by his friends and enemies, respectively.

General Villa - Leader of the Mexican rebels who are opposed to Huerta; has been described as a man ‘with a frightful career of murder and torture’ behind him; a wholly uneducated man just capable of signing his name, with the disposition and characteristics of a brigand chief.

General Carranza - Carranza was the leader of the rebels until overshadowed by Villa. He was known as the ‘Cromwell of Mexico'.

The Americans: (L to R) Wood, Badger, Fletcher, Mayo

Major-General Leonard Wood - Chief of staff, who will command the US troops in Mexico. He began his military career as an army surgeon.

Admiral Badger - In command of the Atlantic Fleet. Graduated in the American Naval Academy in 1873 and was promoted to Rear-Admiral in 1911.

Rear-Admiral Fletcher - In command of the US warships at Vera Cruz, the occupation of which port marked the opening of the hostilities by American troops.

Rear-Admiral Mayo - In command of the flagship at Tampico. It was he who demanded an apology and salute when Huerta’s soldiers arrested a detachment of American marines who had landed at Tampico - the act which was the precipitating cause of the crisis and led up to the ultimatum.

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