War on Flies!
A pamphlet, issued by the Public Health Committee of Dublin Corporation, highlighting the dangers of the house fly Photo: Image reproduced courtesy of Dublin City Public Library

War on Flies!

Published: 22 August 1913

Sir Charles Cameron, the Medical Superintendent of the Public Health Committee has a letter published in today’s Irish Times warning people of the dangers of flies. He informs readers that the recent warm weather has led to a large number of diarrhoeal cases and that these have resulted in 47 deaths in the last two weeks. Nearly all the deaths were amongst children. Sir Charles states that the illness is caused by flies landing on uncovered foodstuffs. He warns that recent research has concluded that when flies travel from objectionable organic matter and alight on human foodstuff they pass on infections. He urges the public to cover food in this warm weather, and to hang fly paper and put out a solution of formalin so that flies might be destroyed in great numbers. He also suggests that animal manure should be removed from premises as quickly as possible as it is much loved by the fly.

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