Two swimmers attempt English Channel crossing
A map of the channel showing Folkstone and Cape Griz Nez, the respective destinations of the swimmers Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 16 August 1913

Two swimmers attempt English Channel crossing

Published: 26 August 1913

Two swimmers attempted to cross the English Channel today. Jabez Wolffe left the French coast heading for England, while Henry F Sullivan, the youngest swimmer to ever attempt the crossing, entered the water at St George’s Bay, near Dover, to attempt a crossing to France. Unfortunately, due to high winds that picked up during the day, both swimmers were unsuccessful. Wolffe swam for twenty four miles, but was still seven miles off the coast of Folkestone when he had to abandon his swim, while Sullivan came out of the water six miles off Cape Grisnez. Sullivan was reported to be bitterly disappointed.

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