Turf Libel case continues

Published: 17 July 1913

At the King's Bench today, Mr. Justice Darling heard further evidence in the libel case between Mr. Richard Wootton, the well-known racehorse trainer, and Mr. R.S. Siever, owner of the Winning Post and a racehorse owner.

The alleged libels relate to claims, which appeared in articles in Mr Siever's publication, that Mr. Wootton, through his jockeys, was responsible for manipulating the outcome of numerous races for his own betting purposes.

Chief amongst witnesses was Mr. Edward Hulton, newspaper proprietor and owner of racehorses that had been trained by Mr Wootton. Hulton testified that, while it was not always easy to identify when horses were deliberately 'pulled', he had never had any reason to suspect Mr. Wootton of any wrongdoing. Their partnership, he continued, had been quite lucrative, earning him £40,000 over the previous four years.

The case was adjourned until tomorrow morning.

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