Tomb of great god Osiris found in Egypt
A view of the excavation where the tomb of Osiris was found. Photo: Illustrated London News [London, England], 30 May 1914

Tomb of great god Osiris found in Egypt

Published: 7 March 1914

The excavations of the Egyptian Exploration Fund have resulted in a most remarkable and unexpected find. The team uncovered the tomb which was supposed to contain the head of the great god Osiris. This building is mentioned by various Greek authors, but no one knew that it still existed. It has been found at Abydos, one of Egypt's oldest cities.

The work began two years ago at a door which had been unearthed by Professor Petric. Between the door and the next building which had been discovered, the Temple of Seti I, lay a stretch of sand somewhere over 50 metres in width. It concealed several interesting features, including the door which led to Osiris’ tomb.

The holy well or fountain usually mentioned in the classics in relation to Osiris’ tomb has not been found yet, however.

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